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Services and Products on Eldernet

Key points regarding services and products displayed on Eldernet:
  • Never give an open cheque or pin number to those who provide you with a service or product.
  • Ask for and check references (particularly if a service is unknown).
  • Obtain a written quotation where there isn’t a set price.
  • Protect you PIN number from the view of others. When you are entering it onto a device shield it with your hand if necessary.
  • Always read anything you are asked to sign. If you don’t understand it ask for it to be explained in plain
  • language. If you don’t agree with it, don’t sign it.
  • If you have purchased a service or product ask for a receipt. Keep it and any other documentation relating to your purchase.
  • Ask what your rights are if things go wrong and who you can contact if you are not satisfied (these must align with your rights under the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993).
  • Is everything about the product or service clearly shown (i.e. transparent) in the information you see or are given. (If not, make a note of the things you need to know and ask questions. Be suspicious if you do not get clear answers to your questions.)
  • If you are purchasing a product or service that claims to help you with your disability look for references from appropriately qualified people (preferably from New Zealand) e.g. a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, doctor, chemist etc.
  • If you are purchasing a mobility aid then assessment by a qualified health professional such as a physiotherapist
  • is advised. Different aids suit different conditions.
  • Ask for identification from unknown callers (ideally don’t open the door to unexpected callers).
  • Do not discuss any of your personal or financial affairs with strangers.

Consumer Safety - Purchasing Community Group - Considerations

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