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Community Groups - Enquiries

  • When you make contact with the group are they welcoming?
  • Can you contact other group members to discuss the benefits of joining the group?
  • Do you understand how the group works and if there are any ‘rules’?
  • Is there a single person you can go to if you have any issues or need assistance?
  • Do you understand the group’s expectations of their members?
  • Does the frequency, time of meeting and venue suit you? Does this change at all?
  • How will you travel to and from the meetings? If transport is an issue for you do they offer assistance?
  • If you are still driving can you offer assistance to others in the group?
  • If you have a medical condition do you need to let the convener know about it?
  • How does the group let you know about events, meeting changes etc.?
  • Are there any costs?

Community Group - Considerations

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