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Community Group - Considerations

The contribution made by volunteers to our community are immense. Most community group operate on a tight budget and often their funding is vulnerable. Many are also run by and/or assisted by volunteers. These factors mean that sometimes a service is short-term and the skills of the coordinators may be variable. Match your expectations to the situation.
Most groups wish to offer the very best service to you, so if your needs are not being meet, speak to the coordinator and ask for what you need. If they can’t offer it to you they may know someone who can.
  • How can you find out what groups you could join? (See also: Citizens Advice Bureau or Age Concern)
  • How will this group meet your needs?
  • Can others vouch for it? Do you know anyone who is currently in the group, or has engaged with them in the past?
  • Once you’ve made a commitment to the group how easy will it be for you to leave?
  • Can you offer something to the group (e.g. your time, skills, assistance, experience)?
  • Can you learn something new, make new contacts?

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