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ACC Accident Compensation Corporation


ARRC Age Related Residential Care. Term often used in relation to the DHB contract with residential care providers.


AT&R Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation. This service is generally based at public hospitals and is provided by a ‘multidisciplinary’ team made up of doctors, nurses, social workers, speech language therapists, occupational and physiotherapists etc.


CANZ Care Association New Zealand - a professional body for residential care providers.


Care Apartment (also known as Residential Care Suites) An option for private payers. These are usually part of a retirement village and are rooms/units where: a capital sum has been paid, the room/unit has been 'Certified' by the Ministry of Health and a current DHB agreement for residential care is in place. On-going fees apply. When/if requiring a Residential Care Subsidy the resident may be able to stay in this room (criteria apply).


Care Coordination Centre provides a service similar to NASC It uses a different process and is based on a ‘restorative model’ provides a single point of entry for people into the wider services, enables more flexible use of funding, uses a new assessment process, improves communication and planning between health professionals (e.g. by using computer technology) and aims to provide support in a more ‘client lead’ way.


Careerforce A national training organisation - www.careerforce.org.nz  Careerforce supports education and skill development in New Zealand’s health, disability and aged support sectors.


Dementia Care Homes These specialise in demential care and provide a safe, secure environment.


DHB District Health Board. New Zealand is divided into 20 DHB regions . DHB’s are responsible for purchasing a wide range of health services for the people in their region. DHB boards are comprised mainly of elected members with the balance being members appointed by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health web site provides information about and links to DHB web sites.


DT Diversional Therapy – A leisure based activity programme commonly provided in residential care services. “The aim of which is to improving the quality of life through ongoing support and development of clients psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs and well being.”


General Care Rest Homes and Hospitals These provide for residents who need general aged care, not specialised dementia care.


GP General Practitioner. A GP is a specialist doctor who is trained to work in the front line of the healthcare system and is often referred to as the family doctor. The Medical Council maintains a register of all doctors including GP’s


InterRAI A computer based assessment programme.


MC Maximum contribution. Those in contracted residential care whose needs have been assessed are required to pay no more than the MC.The amounts vary depending on where you live.


MOH Ministry of Health


MSD Ministry of Social Development


NASC Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination. The process whereby a persons needs are assessed and access to support services including residential care and home support services arranged. NASC agencies are contracted to DHB’s (see also Care Co-ordination Centre).


NZACA New Zealand Aged Care Association (ex HCPNZ [Health Care Providers New Zealand] and ARCH) An organisation of residential care providers.


NZCCSS New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services – An organisation comprised of various Christian agencies which, as part of its role, is active in advocating for quality services for older people.


NZHCHA New Zealand Home and Community Health Association . An organisation of home care providers.


NZQA New Zealand Qualifications Authority


ORA Occupational Right Agreement. Relates to retirement villages.


OT Occupational Therapist - Occupational therapists work with people to regain lost abilities, or to develop new skills and interests. Practising occupational therapists must be registered and hold an annual practising certificate. The Occupational Therapy Board displays the Register of Occupational Therapists (see 'Online Register Search' - on home page)


POAC Primary Options for Acute Care – A primary health funded short-term care option for looking after the monitoring and care of those, who in the past would have been sent to hospital.


PHO Primary Health Organisation – PHO’s are community based organisations of health care professionals who provide first level health care to their local people. The organisations are made up of general medical practices including doctors, practise nurses, physiotherapists etc and other health promotional services. The Ministry of Health web site provides a list of PHOs.


Psychogeriatric Care (See specialised high dependency care).


PT Physiotherapy/Physiotherapist - Physiotherapists work with people to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and physical function. Practising physiotherapists must be registered and hold an annual practising certificate. A list of physiotherapists is available from the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists Inc. Click the words 'Locate a Physio' on the right side menu.


RCS Residential Care Subsidy  This subsidy may be available for those requiring residential care. Eligibility criteria apply. Assessment is made by Work & Income.


Rehab Rehabilitation


RN Registered Nurse – This is a lifetime qualification however every practicing RN must hold a current practising certificate. The register of those holding this certificate is operated by the Nursing Council of New Zealand and is updated daily.


RVA Retirement Village Association. A voluntary organisation of Retirement Village operators and those who work in the sector.


Single Point of Entry (SPOE) A coordinated, centralized way of managing referrals to public services.


SNL Support Need Level. This is a level obtained following a full assessment.


SPA Support Package Allocation.


Specialised Hospital Care (Also referred to as psychogeriatric care). For those who require a high level of nursing care and management of challenging behaviour.


SW Social Work/Worker. Registration is voluntary. Increasing numbers now hold Competency qualifications and Registration. The professional Association for social workers is Aoteoaroa New Zealand Association of Social Workers. The Social Workers Registration Board is the body managing registration of social workers. The register is online.


WINZ Work and Income A government department that undertakes financial assessments for subsidies (RCSs). It provides additional financial assistance to those who meet eligibility criteria.