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Win a great cook book!


Primal Kitchen



In Primal Kitchen Wellington chef and primal-eating enthusiast Sarah Dueweke shares recipes for delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and energising snacks for sustained good health.
With its emphasis on natural ingredients and meals high in protein and healthy fats and carbohydrates, primal eating offers the benefits of a paleo diet with fewer restrictions. Full-fat dairy products, including butter, cheese, yoghurt and milk, are allowed in limited quantities, as is alcohol and some starchy fruit and vegetables. By substituting grains such as wheat, corn and rice for ‘primal-friendly’ alternatives and eliminating refined sugars in favour of natural sweeteners, Sarah’s innovative recipes show how you can enjoy home baking and treat foods and still find weight maintenance easy. Slow-cooked casseroles, hearty salads and power-packed breakfasts are so satisfying and delicious they are sure to prove popular with family and friends.

By following Sarah’s simple guidelines for a primal diet you’ll find it simple to adapt everyday dishes and discover new favourites in the process.  


Penguin Random House

RRP $40.00


Review from Eliza in the Eldernet office: 

I should start by saying that Sarah Dueweke is a chef and ‘primal-eating’ advocate; essentially a paleo diet without too many restrictions such as allowing in moderation alcohol, dairy and starchy fruit and vegetables.

The idea has been around for quite some time and I’ve always been enthusiastic to see how the recipes match up against the tried and true so I thought I’d test out several favourites and see how they tasted.

My first test was the Shepherd’s Pie, always a favourite in our house. The first thing that struck me, as it has with all the recipes I tested, was the ingredient list seemed small. I’m no chef by any stretch of the imagination and a small ingredient list appeals to me on all sorts of levels. Suffice to say the pie was delicious and I quickly followed up this recipe with the Smoky Slow-cooker Pulled Pork with Parsnip Puree, which proved to be if not more flavoursome than the Shepherd’s Pie.

Feeling that I definitely caught on to a winner, I then tried the Chocolate Mocha Mousse. My son, Isaac is addicted to chocolate mousse and in our house acts as an expert in such matters. His response was a resounding lip-smacking two thumbs up! Even if he did bounce off the walls a little with the addition of cold coffee.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed and would certainly like to try out more recipes. For me every recipe was simple and delicious, without the need for any sort of extra kitchen knowledge (which sadly I don’t possess in any great depth!). I would recommend this to any cook who likes to prepare delicious food without too much fuss and with ingredients that advocate for a cleaner healthier diet.


Enter HERE to win your own copy. Please note that this competition is open to NZ residents only and closes 21/8/15. 

About Eliza Chapman

Eliza Chapman
Eliza Chapman is the Sales Manager for Eldernet and enjoys assisting businesses with promoting their services via the Eldernet and Where from Here reference handbooks. She is an avid investigator and researcher especially interested in psychology. She has two fur-babies and a son named Isaac – or “he who laughs”, which he frequently does. She has a wonderful supportive partner who is a teacher and they often enjoy outdoor pursuits together. One of her passions is shoes, much like Emelda Marcos.