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First Names Only

Elaine Blick

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First Names Only is a richly woven and moving story about a group of unmarried mothers living in a home in Auckland during the 1960s. The novel, by Elaine Blick, draws on her memory of Childhaven, an Epsom home for unmarried mothers where her mother was secretary for 26 years. Elaine was much the same age as the girls and struck up friendships with several of them and so came to know their individual stories. She has interwoven the lives of a group of them and shown how the experience of having a baby and giving it up for adoption left an indelible mark.

First Names Only Front Cover (2)Janice at 18 is ambitious and has set her sights on a top degree in languages. When she finds she is pregnant Janice’s world comes crashing down – for this is 1960s New Zealand, when to be single and pregnant is a disgrace.

Janice has no choice but to enter Sunnyvale, a home for unmarried mothers in Auckland. Once the baby is born the maternal tug is powerful and Janice longs to keep him. But these are the days when there was no government support for the unmarried mother and it is expected that most girls will have their babies adopted. Many childless couples long for a baby and are prepared to give it every advantage in life.

But can Janice bear to give up her child with the knowledge that she may never see him again? Faced with this heart-rending decision, what is she to do?

This story will resonate with many women who faced a similar situation in the 1960s and the children who were born to them. First Names Only provides an insight into the very sensitive issues surrounding unmarried mothers and adoption.

About the Author

Elaine Blick was born in England and moved to New Zealand when she was five years old and has spent her life living between the two countries. She has been a teacher and holds an MA degree from Auckland University. First Names Only is her fourth novel, following  Where the Bellbird Sings, No White Flowers, Please and When This War is Over. Elaine has sold her flat in London and is living permanently at Clarks Beach on the Manukau Harbour. She owns a genuine ‘kiwi bach’ by the water and it is here she writes her novels.

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