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What’s My Number?

Brr… there is no doubt that we are feeling the winter weather now! Thanks to the plummeting temperatures outside we are all spending a bit longer in the shower, making the switch from salad to a roast at dinner, turning that electric blanket on, and cranking that heating up to help keep ourselves, and our house toasty warm. However, all this can make a big difference to your power bill and put some strain on your bank account.

So, what if you could save some money off your power bill at this time of year? – and finding out how much only takes a couple of minutes? whatsmynumber.org.nz claims I could calculate my power savings in two minutes, so I put this to the test!

First, I opened the whatsmynumber.org.nz website. Using the drop down boxes in the “Check your number” box, I filled out some basic information about what region I live in, the type of household, and the energy company I am currently with. I then clicked “Get your number” and just like that it estimated I could save $114 per year. Intrigued, I decided to dig a little further.

I clicked on “Next Step” and I entered a little bit more information about the type of plan I am currently on, my current usage and household details. There’s an option to type in your name and email address so that your results can be saved, however there is an option to skip this, which I did. Up popped a variety of providers, ranked from the “top pick”, down. You might find that you don’t even have to switch companies, you might just have to switch plans.  All I then had to do was click “Switch” to see that I could save $200, my new provider organised everything else. It was as easy as that! That’s my number. What’s yours?

For free, independent information head to whatsmynumber.org.nz

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