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Well done Red Cross!

It’s great to see that organisations like the Red Cross are doing what they can to support older people. In this case, it’s older people who’ve been affected by the earthquake. As I’ve blogged before the fact that older people are so power conscious is a big issue, especially down here in the south when winters get so cold!

So check out the scheme and spread the word. The Winter Assistance Grant could help keep you, or someone you know warm over the coming winter!

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Esther Perriam
Esther Perriam is a Director of Eldernet. She’s worked in the business for over 15 years and has been lucky to visit many of the older person’s services around the country. She’s never short of an opinion on…pretty much anything. Esther really loves reading and you’ll see plenty of book reviews authored by her. As a mother of two children there’s not much free time but if there is she also enjoys cooking (for grown-ups, not the kids!) and anything beach related in her spare time. Esther has presented at conferences around New Zealand and is happy to be contacted in regards to speaking or presenting at your event.