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Using Denture Adhesives

For special occasions, denture adhesives (like Polident or Steradent), in small amounts can be used to make your dentures more secure.

Do not use denture adhesives with zinc in their product list, due to adverse medical effects. Polident and Steradent do not contain zinc.

Denture adhesives should only be used in 3 pea-sized bits on each denture to improve the fit of the dentures.

Denture adhesives (like Polident or Steradent) should be completely cleaned off from the denture and the gums on a daily basis.

Extended use of denture adhesives (like Polident or Steradent) should not be considered without periodic assessment of your denture quality and health of the gums by your dentist.

If you find you need to use increased amounts of adhesives (like Polident or Steradent) to achieve the same level of denture fit, you should see your dentist again to evaluate the fit of the dentures.

Please come for your annual need annual check-ups – your dentist needs to examine your mouth and your dentures each year to check for health of the gums and oral health.

Your dentist can then advise you about prolonging the life of the dentures with regular relines (re-surfacing). Dentures should last 8-12 years, however their life can be prolonged if you have regular relines.

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