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Update of ID options for older people

There has been an update to our story : What are your ID options with Hospitality New Zealand revamping and re-branding their 18+ Card to the “Kiwi Access Card”. The Kiwi Access Card was developed after consultation with agencies such as the Department of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Social Development, Office for Disability Issues and NZ Post.

For many older people getting an 18+ card seemed ridiculous as they were clearly over 18, but unfortunately as we explored in “What are your ID options ” if they no longer had a valid passport or a drivers licence there was no other options for older people to have a “valid” ID. In response to these arguments, the new Kiwi Access Card has been designed with everyone in the community in mind, with a particular focus of being inclusive of elderly and people with disabilities.

Vicki Lee, chief executive of Hospitality New Zealand, says the cards have been revamped to cater for minority groups who feel misrepresented. “We’ve got a lot of people in disabled communities who felt it didn’t really represent them, so we’re trying to go for a broad cross section so everybody can feel like it’s their card.”

The new cards feature a map of New Zealand along with updates in order to ensure it is compliant with the latest enhanced security features. For example, the new card includes embossing, micro text, and also braille.

Explaining the significance to the wider community of the new Kiwi Access Card, Minister for Disability Issues the Hon Carmel Sepuloni says the new Kiwi Access Card will have a positive impact for disabled people who do not have, cannot afford, or are not eligible for a driver licence or passport.

“The Kiwi Access Card will allow disabled people to be able to prove who they are so that they can do things like open bank accounts, make hire purchases and pick up prescriptions.”

According to Blind Citizens NZ national president Jonathan Godfrey, the new Kiwi Access Card will have a particularly positive impact for the blind.

“If you have ever been asked for proof of identification, then perhaps you will have some understanding of how challenging this can be for blind people. I can’t wait to get my Kiwi Access Card. It’s a huge milestone and for blind, deafblind and vision impaired people, this will be the first time many of us will have a dedicated form of identification that we can fit in our wallet or purse.”

The cost of getting one is $55 including GST.

No changes have been made in the process of obtaining a card. You can pick up the application form from your local New Zealand Post outlet, or download the form from the Kiwi Access website.

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