Tips to Prevent Jet-lag

Choose wisely

Wear comfortable clothes & shoes. Take an extra layer to keep yourself warm & if you’re travelling long haul it’s a good idea to take a change of clothes to change into during a stop over.

Time your travel

Think about your arrival & departure time. Leaving at your bedtime is always advisable.

Watch & wait

Change your watch to local time before you arrive so you are ready & rearing to go.


Planes are pumping out air-conditioning. Remember to keep your fluids (not alcohol) up and keep your skin moisturised.

Up & Go

Help your brain & body stay awake by choosing your food wisely. High protein foods are advised. Try eggs, turkey, nuts or dairy.

Beat jet-lag blues

  • Excitement can cause lack of sleep but make sure that you have plenty of rest before you travel
  • Try and have a walk around on the plane during your flight
  • Sleep is good, try and get as much of it as you can on the plane
  • Drinking alcohol onboard is not going to do you any favours
  • Do not nap during the day, this will help you to adjust to the local time
  • You probably have a lot planned but try not to overextend yourself in the first few days

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