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The picture perfect retirement

When people say you should save for retirement – what does that retirement look like in your head? Is it spending hours and hours lying on white sand beaches reading, travelling the world? Is it getting to spend time tinkering with the odd thing or two and spending time with family? Or is it something quite the opposite?

Many people plan for an active and healthy retirement and why wouldn’t you? Retirement is the time where you can do all the things that you just didn’t have time to while working. It is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labour as much as you can.

However, what about planning for the other side of it? What if your retirement changes from tasting fine wine at a vineyard to finding it difficult walking up the stairs?

This side of retirement can be very difficult to think about. Yet by only focusing on the active part of retirement can seriously short change your quality of life once your health begins to decline. Experts agree that you should start thinking and, most importantly, talking about how you want to cope when your health begins to fail.

It is all good and well you making plans but if no one else knows them, it can be difficult to implement them if suddenly you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

The best advice is to have an open conversation around this topic with people whom you trust. Start with some of the easier decisions, such as who should make medical and financial decisions should they become incapacitated. Then begin to discuss some of the harder topics such as imagining a life where you cannot look after yourself.

Important decisions also revolve around care. Who do you want to care for you when your health declines? If you are wanting a family member – are they comfortable to do this and will their lifestyle allow this? If their situation changes do you have a back-up plan incase they can no longer offer you the care that you may need?

There are many facets of your life that you have to consider even when you think these situations will not happen to you. People do not like to be backed into a corner to make a decision because they have to. People like to be able to weigh up the positives and negatives of options before making a decision that would be best for them, not just the quickest choice. This empowers them to take control over their health and lives in a positive way.

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Although it is hard to plan for the unexpected, it is good to have a little bit of knowledge about what is out there as an option for you.

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