The Opportunities Party

Gareth Morgan heads The Opportunities Party with Geoff Simmons as deputy. Their vision being that “all people have aspirations, and all of us have a right to fulfil those aspirations. We also have a responsibility to ensure others have the same opportunity.”


The Opportunities Party will provide all citizens over 65 years of age $200 each per week. In addition, they will means tests over 65s to see who is eligible to top up to the current NZ Superannuation level by a further $7,500 pa. We will index the top-up to elders’ costs not to average incomes.


Housing costs have become prohibitive in New Zealand and so The Opportunities Party is planning to reform the residential market so that secure, warm shelter becomes accessible for all. We intend to change the regulations around residential tenancy law so leases make it far easier for a tenant to remain in the premises long term.


TOP will increase tax on alcohol. Also they want to legalise the sale and use of cannabis.


TOP wants to make it quicker and simpler for truly skilled people to live and work here. This will require changes to our visa regime, and international brand. The latter needs to present us as a tech-savvy nation with great lifestyles, to markets such as Europe, the UK, Asia and the US.

Aged Care:

The Opportunities Party currently does not have any policies relating to this area

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