The latest groundbreaking initiative from Aria Gardens

Following on from the phenomenal achievements of being awarded the 2014 national Excellence in Care (Community Connections) award and the WDHB Care Excellence Award for Compassionate Patient Support, Aria Gardens has recently been featured on the TV3 news programme Newsworthy for their latest world first initiative ‘Creativity in the Community’. This initiative sees a groundbreaking collaboration between Aria Gardens and the School of English and Media Studies Department at Massey University.

The focus of the initiative is for the media studies students to use their creative skills in theatre/creative writing and cinematography to address the issues faced by residents living in residential aged care, challenge negative stereotypes and to promote healthy aging strategies.

The project was tremendously successful, the participating Aria Gardens residents feeling empowered and valued by having their stories and experiences used by the students as a foundation for their finished projects. In turn, the students developed a unique insight into the issues faced by the older generation and developed both an empathy and understanding of those residing in residential aged care.

Aria Gardens will now use the finished short movies, completed by the students, as part of their ever increasing portfolio of community education and engagement resources. The initiative has also formed the basis for Aria Gardens nomination for this year’s Excellence in Care Awards held by the New Zealand Aged Care Association. The Aria Gardens Manager and one of our regular Gazette writers, Jon Amesbury, told Eldernet “Aria Gardens will push forward with the innovative work we are doing to enhance the lives of the residents that are entrusted into our care. This is just another facet of the dynamic and unique projects that we will continue to develop to ensure that Aria Gardens remains the first amongst its peers for community engagement and resident inclusion strategies.”

Below is a link to the press release given by Massey University, describing the initiative in more detail.

Students turn creative lens on dementia:

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