Book Review – The Keto Chef’s Kitchen by Nery Whelan

The Keto Chef’s Kitchen by Nery Whelan 

I have every intent on reviewing this cookbook as I usually do – by reading through and choosing a recipe and actually cooking it. But as I read through this book I realised this is not your ‘usual’ cookbook, this is a stunning cookbook made for a very defined eater. I don’t follow a “low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat diet; and my pantry ingredients are well below the bar when it comes to being equipped to try out this cookbook.  

So, this review won’t be about my success or otherwise, but I am happy to let you know more about the book. Firstly, it’s beautiful. Hardcover and filled with divine photographs from front to back. It’s also really informative – there’s a whole section on sweeteners which compares nine different types and in a neat and easy to understand table show cost, calories, if it will caramelise, if it has an aftertaste etc. I can see that if you were considering transitioning to a ketogenic diet this would be enormously helpful.  

There are dishes in here that wouldn’t necessarily be ‘keto’ and which I could have cooked, but I like to test myself (and the author’s recipes) with something a little more complex than baked eggs. What I did think was interesting was that for a low-carb book there was a real effort to reconsider how carbs, or lighter carbs can still be a part of the keto diet. This was especially clear in the breakfast chapter, where Whelan has encouraged the reader to look beyond ‘eggs and meat’, with lots of ideas for re-worked waffles, pancakes and other traditionally carb heavy options, and in the “Carbs” section (yes, there’s a whole chapter on non/low carb carbs). The Carbs chapter includes crackers, bagels, pizza dough and even pasta. With the commitment to a variety of sweeteners the book finishes with a stunning array of desserts, cheesecake, truffles, brownies…there’s something for everyone. 

So, whilst I wasn’t able to give this the robust test I’d usually apply I’m actually really confident in recommending this book if you are following a keto lifestyle or as a gift for someone who is. It is really beautiful, filled with inspiring photographs and certainly presents keto as an abundant lifestyle rather than a restrictive diet.  

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