The Annual Mince Pie Competition

11Festive fun begins in our house with making the mince pies.

Two teams are involved, the makers v the eaters, however players can and do change sides at any time, without notice.

The object of the competition is to get approximately 12 dozen mince pies safely stowed in the freezer, and have some left by Christmas Day.

The game begins around September whilst Ballarat apples are still available.

Husband Robin is the first player on the making team when he makes the mincemeat, but when the baking starts he is generally firmly on the eating team.

The first choice line up for the baking team is me, daughter Jenny and granddaughter Izobella,

The eating team at this stage is usually Robin, son John and grandson Lachlan.

Teams vary according to who is available, and bakers become eaters, and eaters bakers depending on who is there at the time.

Generally the baking team succeeds in making around 16 dozen pies, so plenty for the eaters.

There was one very strange year (2010) after the earthquake when I had no oven, so the baking team that year was me and Robin, making the pastry and putting in the fillings, then having to take the trays to John’s house, where he was in charge of putting them in his oven, and baking them!

The baking team still managed to get the pies made, despite the rather confusing teams.

The eaters usually looking carefully at the pies as they come out of the oven and deciding they must be tested, and that some don’t look quite perfect, so need to be eaten straight away.

This year the mincemeat is already made, and is maturing nicely (soaking in brandy) so it will soon be time to assemble the baking team.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.


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  1. jess

    That’s awesome Susan, now I feel like a mince pie to eat!

  2. Katharine M

    That sounds fun Susan, thanks for sharing your story about preparing for Christmas 🙂