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The unexpected secret to a happy retirement

Nearly one in two (46%) New Zealanders want to keep working past 65 68% of retirees want to keep working for the ability to use their skills and talents, 31% say it’s to pay the bills Growing numbers of people are reaching retirement and realising there’s one thing they can’t …

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The Economics of Aging

“Older people can and want to be major contributors going forward. They shouldn’t just be seen as an economic cost. If you look at bringing up children as a purely financial issue, why would you ever do it? It’s an investment. Just because a person’s older doesn’t mean they’re not …

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Is the key to longer life work?

Don’t retire, said this Japanese longevity expert. And if you must, do it well after the age of 65. The late Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara. Credit: Japan Society Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, chairman of St. Luke’s International University and president of St. Luke’s International Hospital, followed his own advice too – until …

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Untapped potential in the workplace

It is rare that you would be able to get a job these days without having any prior experience. It is odd to think then that the most ‘experienced’ worker’s in our society find it difficult to get a job. The current job market just does not support older adults …

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