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10 tips for winter wellness

Winter brings not only colder temperatures, but also an increase in coughs, colds, sore throats and influenza. Here are some tips to keep yourself well during the cooler months. Get the flu vaccination through your general practice team. This is free for anyone 65 or older.  Wash your hands thoroughly …

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CEA’s Top Tips: Preparing for Winter – Get up to 92% off the cost of Insulation

With winter nearly upon us it is essential to check whether your insulation is up to standard. If you’ve had contractors or someone who has been in your roof/underfloor recently, it is best to make sure the insulation hasn’t been compromised or moved. CEA can do a free insulation scope …

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Reducing the risk of falls this winter

Icy, snowy roads and paths make it easy to slip and fall. Unfortunately, falls are more of a common occurrence during the winter months. A fall can be life-changing for an older person, impacting on their independence and wellbeing, with implications for their family or whānau and significant others. We …

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Winter activities for those with dementia

When winter arrives, it can be easy to fall into the habit of staying indoors and lounging about. However, for those with dementia, staying active both mentally and physically is crucial for slowing down the development of dementia and remaining positive and stimulated. Below are our top tips for keep …

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Keeping warm this winter

Brrr… Winter has arrived and has brought with it cold temperatures, rain and in some places snow. While no one likes being cold, it is pretty important older people to stay warm. Older adults are typically more vulnerable to cold weather as the skin’s protective abilities, bone strength, and the body’s …

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Find the Snowflakes!

Brrr… Winter has definitely set in and to add to our 20th Birthday Celebrations we thought we would do a giveaway! We hid 10 Snowflakes in our “Products and Services” directory on Eldernet and invited facility managers, receptionist and admin staff to go hunting. Congratulations to Whalan Lodge who won our Winter Hamper! …

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