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The Welsh way

The Welsh are known for their leeks, daffodils, accents and rugby not so much for their initiatives that promote the wellbeing of their older people – but maybe they should be. While Wales has a smaller population than New Zealand (3.2 million), it does have a higher proportion of older …

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Steadying our minds while the ground is still shaking

What a week we’ve had – and it is only Wednesday! Most of the country experienced a rude awakening from mother nature on Sunday night, all too familiar for many of us in the South Island who have lived through the 2010/11 quakes and subsequent aftershocks. The sheer terror earthquakes …

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Aged Fitness by Scott Simpson

Aged Fitness Keeping fit and active is an important part of positive ageing. It’s good to see so many seniors are already taking the opportunity to try new things, make new friends, and get involved in all that New Zealand communities have to offer. As MP for the beautiful Coromandel, …

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What is Brain Fitness? by Allison Lamont

What is Brain Fitness? Increasingly, we hear about brain fitness in the media. So what is it? Brain fitness is not about diagnosis and treatment of brain or memory disorders, or about the latest memory game or herbal supplement. Brain fitness is about how your brain and memory perform for …

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