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The Total Mobility Scheme

The ability to access appropriate transport is essential for people to remain independent. The risk of social isolation and adverse health outcomes increase if someone is not able to get out and about due to disability or health impairment. It is important for people stay connected with their community as …

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Holidaying with a wheelchair

There are perceptions that people with disabilities live below the poverty line, and that is not true. In fact people with disabilities travel at a slightly higher percentage than the general population. Travel is all about systems, and for people who have a disability planning ahead is important. Part of …

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Is it time to travel the world?

Many of us see ourselves travelling the world when we retire.  Without the usual time constraints of work and school terms many are taking advantage of those off-peak deals and travelling both longer and farther, and doing it their own way. There are many perks of traveling, especially when you …

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How to Recover Quickly from Jet Lag

You’ve now learned some travel tips to help you stay healthy, sleep better, pack your carry-on bag and prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) on your next flight. Did you know that there are things you can do during your journey that will help your body recover more quickly once you …

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Learning about DVT could save your life

You now know some tips on how to make sure your flight doesn’t make you sick and how to sleep on a plane. Unfortunately, there is another concern for air travellers that can be life threatening. Swollen and puffy feet are a common problem amongst air travellers. Though uncomfortable, the …

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9 Tips for Sleeping Comfortably

Now that you know how to protect yourself from catching a bug on a flight, you’ll want a good night’s sleep. It’s amazing how much better life seems when you sleep well. Here are our top 9 tips to help you sleep while flying. 1. Choose your seat in advance …

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