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Feedback sought on code covering 111 service

The Commerce Commission wants feedback on proposed rules that require home phone providers to support customers on new technologies in the event of a power cut. This is called the 111 contact code. The commission, whose duties include being New Zealand’s telecommunications regulator, is particularly interested to hear from those …

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Beware of corona virus scams

New Zealanders are being warned of a raft of scams and frauds exploiting the spread of coronavirus. Bronwyn Groot, CFFC’s Fraud Education Manager, says scammers overseas are preying on people’s concern about the virus and targetting them in a variety of ways. While reports of coronavirus scams in New Zealand …

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In response: South Island Icon gives his response to IRD refusing cheques

I am anxious and annoyed about, as you concisely put it “Kiwibank’s cessation of cheque usage and the general trend of government departments and various other agencies to force people into the use of digital technology.” I am all for appropriate technology – the bicycle, for example, I regard as …

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Spark steps up with two new products for seniors

Spark has today introduced two new products for New Zealand seniors: the first nuisance-call blocking home phone (landline) available in New Zealand; and the cheapest advertised pay monthly mobile plan on the New Zealand market – tailored to the needs of those over 65 years. Both of the products help …

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New research explores the use of technology in early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

A recent study from researchers at England’s University of Cambridge has found that virtual reality (VR) can identify symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease more accurately than ‘gold standard’ cognitive testing. In 2014, researchers discovered what is known as our brain’s “internal satnav” (the entorhinal cortex), one of the first regions to be damaged …

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Apps for Dementia – Understanding the tech behind it

The discovery, for caregivers, that iPads and tablets are a wonderful activity tool for people living with dementia, also brings with it concerns that internet and applications available can be frustrating and how will someone living with dementia avoid becoming overwhelmed. To-date there has been a limited amount of research …

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