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The future of working past 65

The job market does not support older adults in the workforce as much as it could. There is a lingering perception that older workers do not have up-to-date skills and attitudes, especially in terms of technology and overtime. These perceptions are often incorrect; however, they do create a major barrier …

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Age brings perspective to COVID-19 challenge

Older people, particularly those with underlying health conditions, were initially thought to be more susceptible to COVID-19, but in many ways older people and retirees may be better equipped psychologically to cope with this very strange time we find ourselves in. Older people have the experience of retirement to draw …

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Gender and the impact on retirement

The increased awareness of the gender pay gap over recent years is an important step in being able to close it. Time taken off to care for and raise children and care for older relatives is one of the largest impacts on pay. While it is clear to see the …

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Don’t let supporting your adult children ruin your retirement

Many millennials are having a tough time launching their adult lives. The usual blame for this is placed on burdensome student loans, job insecurity, high housing or rent costs, and – of course –surplus cash regularly devoted to smashed avocado on toast and the latest iPhone! As a result, perhaps it’s no …

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Ever thought about “unretiring”?

Have you heard of unretirement? It is a new phenomenon where retirees decided to come out of retirement and re-join the workforce. Looking at statistics over the ditch, the Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals that 177,500 Australians aged 45 years and over who had previously retired returned to work …

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Women and the retirement savings gap

A study by Australian consultancy group Rice Warner (commissioned by not-for-profit organisation Women in Super) has revealed that retirement savings for men aged between 30 and 60 are 42 per cent higher than for women of the same age. The gender gap was biggest for women in their late 30s and …

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