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Living Life – PPPR Applications

Being able to make decisions about our lives for ourselves is an important part of maintaining independence as we age. Our ability to understand and make informed decisions is called mental capacity. Sometimes, through illness or accident, we can lose mental capacity. If that happens, you might want a family …

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Who will speak for you?

Advance care planning (ACP) is the process of thinking about, talking about and planning for your future health care needs. An ACP plan is a tool that can help you to think about who is in your support network and how to mobilise them should you need to.  It is …

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The picture perfect retirement

When people say you should save for retirement – what does that retirement look like in your head? Is it spending hours and hours lying on white sand beaches reading, travelling the world? Is it getting to spend time tinkering with the odd thing or two and spending time with …

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