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Make the dish, win the book

Mother and daughter team Julie and Ilaria Biuso have a stunning new cookbook on the stands. Called Shared Kitchen: Real food from scratch after the duo’s award-winning website, the book features more than 160 recipes ranging from easy mid-week family meals to gourmet offerings perfect for any occasion. The luscious …

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10 ways to boost fibre

With retail still subject to COVID-19 restrictions, you may find you are eating more processed and refined foods and less fibre. Fibre helps prevent constipation, gives you the best chance of having a regular, comfortable bowel habit and is a great ‘food’ for the microorganisms in our gut, keeping the …

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Are frozen vegetables just as nutritious as fresh vegetables?

Many people believe that fresh vegetables are better than frozen vegetables. However, fresh vegetables lose nutritional value just by sitting around and sometimes it could take up to two weeks from the time they’ve been picked until they reach your plate. Straight from the garden to the table is certainly …

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The importance of eating regularly

We expect that our diet and appetite will change as we age, and to a certain point eating less as you get older is normal. Mobility issues may cause older people to reduce the amount of physical activity they do, and their metabolism may slow down which results in less …

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Malnutrition starts in the community

Author: The Pure Food Co Now, I know what you’re thinking. We are regularly subjected to heart wrenching images of those living in poverty, unable to gain access to food, water or healthcare. Malnutrition is a worldwide problem without a doubt, however, potentially to the surprise of some, there’s also …

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Preventing Pressure Injuries – getting the basics right!

Author: The Pure Food Co Each year in New Zealand, approximately 55,000 people experience a pressure injury [1]. While that may not sound like many people to you, the cost to the New Zealand taxpayer is huge at over $600 million per year [1]. Pressure injuries can significantly reduce a …

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