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The power of music

We all have that one song that takes us back to a significant time in our lives. For some it might be the song they sung to their children when they were young, others it might be the song that reminds them of when they first met their partner, or …

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I Wish I Could Remember, When I Could Remember

I wish I could remember, when I could remember, may seem a funny heading, but for those of us who have problems with recall, it is for the most part “no laughing matter”. As people experience the upper side of the ageing process, for some, little things are suddenly harder …

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Is hearing loss effecting your memory?

Hearing loss is very common and it effects people of all ages. There are many reasons for hearing loss including hereditary factors, noise exposure, trauma and ear disease.  Hearing loss becomes more common as we age. Hearing loss is usually gradual. In the beginning, hearing loss takes away the beginning of …

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