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Out in a puff of smoke?

  The great anti smoking campaign gathers momentum, and the poor old lifelong smokers are being told absolutely no smoking anywhere anytime once you have entered a care facility.  So – even if you have got used to smoking outside so that you don’t  jeopardise   anyone else’s health, you now …

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News from Nicky Wagner

Hi Everyone, I just wanted you to know that we are rolling out a coordinated winter resilience programme.  Here are the details.   Companies and agencies involved in the recovery have combined to share knowledge and create a winter resilience campaign, ensuring all parties know what each is doing and …

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Sunray Says – Key: the all-but liar

The media have tumbled over themselves to call Prime Minister John Key everything but a liar over the fiasco appointment process of spy boss Ian Fletcher.   Descriptors have included "distortion", "spin", "manipulation", "obfuscation" and "trickery" in one piece alone by Andrea Vance in the Sunday Star Times.  "Not completely …

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