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“I’m in the dark place”: older people talk about loneliness

NZ Doctor recently published an interview discussing a new paper published from our Ageing Well project exploring social connection among older people in Aotearoa. We used in-depth qualitative methods to identify the sophisticated ways in which older people conceptualise ‘social isolation’, ‘social connection’, and ‘loneliness’. This is an important addition to the literature …

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Is loneliness our future?

It is concerning to hear how often older people say they feel lonely or are isolated. Terms such as a ‘loneliness epidemic’ have emerged in recent years to describe the rising number of people feeling lonely in our communities. How can we then turn the tide on this to ensure …

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Spreading Christmas Cheer

For a number of reasons, Christmas may not be the joyful holiday for older people it is made out to be in film and TV. Loneliness, mobility restrictions and disability may impact on an older persons’ ability to join in with on the Christmas celebrations. Here are a few ideas …

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Improving the way we care for older people

There’s been some agitated discussion on talkback recently about aged care services. I know, talkback is where some people get paid well to make other people angry – but it serves a purpose. Examples of abuse were mentioned, and residential care facilities took a hammering. The host did acknowledge that …

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Combating loneliness

Withdrawing from society isn’t a natural part of ageing unless you choose it. We are social creatures. We like to spend time together, talking, laughing and sometimes crying. But there are times in life where interaction becomes minimal. Everyone experiences loneliness at one time or another, and these feelings usually …

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Loneliness makes older adults more vulnerable to financial scammers

When you actually think about it, this headline makes a lot of sense. Loneliness exposes people to a diverse range of significant risks to mental and physical well-being. However, it is a sad reflection on our society when for some people, the main form of social contact comes from communication with …

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