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To Will or not to Will?

Many people put off making a Will - it’s almost as if making a Will acknowledges one’s own mortality! But if you die without a properly made Will, you are said to have died intestate and your estate will be settled according to the provisions of the Administration Act (“the Act”).

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Helpful Clauses for Your Will

A will is one of the most important legal documents you can have, and everyone should have one. Properly preparing your will now could save your estate a lot of expense in the future, and make things much easier for your loved ones when your time comes. Our clients are …

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Senior Law

The number of people aged over 65 years is predicted to grow to over one million and to make up more than 20% of the population by 2020. New Zealand’s aging population has resulted in new and complex legal issues. Longer lifespans, blended families, sunset relationships and a variety of …

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