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Liam Butler interviews Ric Odom, Chief Executive Officer, Royal New Zealand SPCA  Ric, when older people get unwell how can they ensure their pets get adequate exercise? Ric Odom: If you’re having trouble meeting your pet’s exercise needs, we suggest you ask your family, friends and neighbours for support. You could …

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Everybody loves to save money!

Liam Butler interviews Carl Hansen Chief Executive of the Electricity Authority Carl, the Electricity Authority has found that people aged 60 years and over are the least likely to switch electricity providers.  How much money can older people save by switching and who can help them with this?  Carl Hansen: The …

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A chat with John Collyns from the RVA

Liam Butler interviews John Collyns Executive Director Retirement Villages Association John could Retirement Village Living help take the heat out of the housing crisis? John Collyns: Thousands of new homes need to be built each year to meet the growing number of families desperate for a roof over their heads. The …

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