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World-first research is identifying the role different hearing aids can have in reducing age-related cognitive decline.

Hearing aids may slow or halt the onset of dementia.  Research is beginning to show that untreated hearing loss speeds up age-related decline in thinking ability.  In middle age hearing loss is the number one preventable contributor to future dementia.  Hearing aids may reduce these negative changes by improving communication, …

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Worried about your hearing? Here are a few reasons why you should do something about it now!

Estimates of hearing loss do vary, although research shows that some 40–50% of adults over the age of 65 years have a hearing impairment, with this rising to 83% for those over the age of 70 years [1]. This makes hearing loss the third most prevalent chronic medical condition among …

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Hearing aids and Devices; advice to make an informed choice.

Most of this information is from Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Shop smart and do your research Choosing the right hearing aid and provider can be difficult. Before you buy a hearing aid you can protect yourself by being a smart shopper. Always do your research first. Compare offers, ask …

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Is hearing loss effecting your memory?

Hearing loss is very common and it effects people of all ages. There are many reasons for hearing loss including hereditary factors, noise exposure, trauma and ear disease.  Hearing loss becomes more common as we age. Hearing loss is usually gradual. In the beginning, hearing loss takes away the beginning of …

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Another ‘pair of ears’

Attending appointments with clients recently has highlighted how important it is for people to take someone with them to medical appointments, especially clinic and specialist appointments. When accompanying a client recently I quickly scribbled notes while the cardiologist talked to my client. The client turned to me a couple of …

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