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Cannabis and The Elderly

Cannabis is a hot topic. The government has introduced the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill, which allows for terminally ill people to possess and use cannabis but not grow it. National is proposing its own bill a “much more comprehensive and thought out” piece of legislation, which is …

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Time to screen

This issue is very close to my heart as one of my closest friends lost her Dad to bowel cancer a few years ago. It was a fast moving cancer that caused a lot of pain, confusion and grief, which I think if it could be avoided it definitely should! …

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Growing inequalities are disadvantaging older people

Health, income and education levels all contribute to the growing gap between the “top 10%” and the “bottom 10%” globally. Older people are not immune to the effects of this division. A study conducted by the Centre for Ageing Better found “shameful and stark” contrasts in people’s experiences of later life. This …

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Malnutrition Screening – Essential for detecting nutrition problems at an early stage

Author: The Pure Food Co Malnutrition in New Zealand is a real problem, especially in the older population. National studies illustrate malnutrition affects 20 to 50 percent of older adults in the health care setting, and up to 31 percent in the community. It is an issue that is often …

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