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Keeping your gardening manageable

As we already know, gardening is good for us both mentally and physically (read more about this here). However what happens when our mobility gets in the way of keeping our garden under control? The toughest call any gardener will face is acknowledging when it’s time to do less, either …

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Get out in the garden – It’s good for you!

Gardening is good for the body and the mind. Research shows that getting into the garden can reduces stress, lift your mood and burn calories. Dr Keith Hammett, President of the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture, believes gardening is more important than ever and not just for feeding ourselves but …

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Spotlight: CHT Hillcrest Home & Hospital- Community Gardening Project

The gardening project at CHT Hillcrest was one of the initiatives introduced to improve the quality of life of the residents. The main goals were to promote activities for residents and improve the resident’s social relationships. The other goals were; To provide an opportunity for the residents to continue to …

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