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10 ways to boost fibre

With retail still subject to COVID-19 restrictions, you may find you are eating more processed and refined foods and less fibre. Fibre helps prevent constipation, gives you the best chance of having a regular, comfortable bowel habit and is a great ‘food’ for the microorganisms in our gut, keeping the …

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Pass the wholegrains!

You often read about “low carb” diets and how we should be cutting back on carbohydrates but hold on a minute, not all carbohydrates are created equal. Highly processed carbohydrates such as white bread, cakes, biscuits and sugary drinks are often referred to as having empty calories. They provide calories …

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Eating well to prevent gout

It wasn’t all that long ago that anyone diagnosed with gout was told to avoid such pleasures as fish, shellfish, asparagus, mushrooms, beer, cured meats, beans, tomatoes, and the list goes on! These are all considered “high purine” foods which were thought to cause gout attacks. Many people still restrict …

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Made with Love

Thinking of giving a gift to someone this Christmas? Here are some fun food gifts you could give:  A jar layered with the dry ingredients for some baking and attach the recipe A basket of fruit and vegetables packaged with cellophane and ribbon Homemade jams, relishes or fruit puree A …

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Discovering the Blue Zones

People in the Blue Zones (Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Loma Linda, California and Nicoya, Costa Rica) enjoy long, healthy lives. They routinely live to be 100 and have very little lifestyle disease such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Nine reasons for their good health have been given, …

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Do super foods exist?

Open any newspaper and you will likely read about the latest food claim, such as “blueberries cure cancer” or “turmeric has great healing powers”. It’s true that many foods contain useful “bioactive compounds” – chemicals that act in the body in ways that might promote good health. These are being …

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