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Don’t let supporting your adult children ruin your retirement

Many millennials are having a tough time launching their adult lives. The usual blame for this is placed on burdensome student loans, job insecurity, high housing or rent costs, and – of course –surplus cash regularly devoted to smashed avocado on toast and the latest iPhone! As a result, perhaps it’s no …

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Is retirement village living right for you?

There are lots of factors that come in to play when deciding whether to move into a retirement village. These can be health, social, financial, security and lifestyle. Although not all retirement villages are the same, all of them have some similar characteristics that make them appealing to people. The social …

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How to deal with financial uncertainty

A wise man once said: ‘the only constant in life is change’. Of course, a part of change is uncertainty. While you may not be able to prevent yourself from all forms of uncertainty, you can surely prepare well in advance for any kind of financial uncertainty that may occur …

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Five ways to kick your grown-up child out of the home

Raising kids is expensive. It’s even more expensive when they grow up and won’t leave the family home Nowadays, having a grown-up child living at home is reasonably common. In fact, one third of millennials are living with their parents. The rising cost of living, especially relative to incomes, is …

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Is everything you know about money wrong?

Myths about money are everywhere. Unfortunately, much of what you know about money is probably wrong and holding you back from success in your financial life. We all must be aware of how our thoughts impact our behaviour with money. As we all know, how you think and feel often …

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The worst financial rip offs and what you can do to avoid them

We all know that sinking feeling of knowing you’ve been ripped off. Unfortunately, in the financial world there are quite a few offerings, products, services, and outright rip offs that you should be aware of. Awareness can help you avoid that sinking feeling. While many of these financial offerings are …

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