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How to deal with financial uncertainty

A wise man once said: ‘the only constant in life is change’. Of course, a part of change is uncertainty. While you may not be able to prevent yourself from all forms of uncertainty, you can surely prepare well in advance for any kind of financial uncertainty that may occur …

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Bad financial advice – financial advice you should ignore

Whether you’re just starting out as an adult, or are already financially secure, you’ve probably heard your fair share of unwanted and unsolicited financial advice. In case you haven’t already learned it, the wealthier you get, the more interesting that advice can become! Some financial tips and advice can function …

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Looking after your finances – When should you get professional help?

The financial world is increasingly complex and as we age we will come across new situations that we may not be ready for, including: changes to how we access our money; where it’s held and how we can use it; changing technology; emerging financial concepts and yet to be identified …

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Why you need an emergency fund

Most financial experts say that you should have at least three to six months of living expenses kept as a readily accessible emergency fund. In spite of this, a recent study completed by BNZ showed that 41% of New Zealanders live from pay day to pay day, that is, basically …

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Five financial mistakes to avoid in your 60s

Regardless of your earlier financial choices, the financial decisions you make in your 60s will have a profound effect on the rest of your life. Our financial advisers, including me, are in a great position to see those who make some excellent decisions at this critical phase of life. Unfortunately, …

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