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Why does Elder Abuse occur?

Elder abuse is a global problem. It is difficult to know exactly how common elder abuse is, as most goes unreported. All types of elder abuse can happen in people’s own homes, when staying with others or while being in a range of community or residential facilities. So how can …

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Age Concern New Zealand Launches Online Elder Abuse Quiz

Age Concern is raising awareness of elder abuse during Elder Abuse Awareness Week with a new online quiz to help everyone understand the enormity of this appalling issue facing older Kiwis. “Age concerns everyone and we want everyone to take our new online elder abuse quiz, says Stephanie Clare, Chief …

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Elder Abuse in New Zealand – the statistics

Elder abuse is a global problem. It is difficult to know exactly how common elder abuse is, as most goes unreported.  An analysis of data from the New Zealand Longitudinal Study of Ageing concluded that 10% of the population aged over 65 years who are living in the community experience …

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Combating Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a global problem.  International studies report that 3% – 10% of older people experience abuse or neglect each year.  It happens to men and women of every religious, cultural, ethnic and income group. However, much abuse goes unreported.  It has been estimated that only 16% of all abuse …

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Psychological Abuse

Since the majority of older adults live in domestic arrangements in their own homes or with their spouses, children, or siblings, this is the setting in which psychological abuse most frequently occurs. Although there is no single pattern of psychological abuse, it is reported that 90% of perpetrators of elder …

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Institutional Abuse

There has been some publicity recently about neglect and abuse of older people in residential care facilities. These cases have prompted some serious inquires into the level of care provided. Institutional abuse, although much less common, can occur in places such as residential care homes, rehabilitation and continuing care wards, as …

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