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Growing inequalities are disadvantaging older people

Health, income and education levels all contribute to the growing gap between the “top 10%” and the “bottom 10%” globally. Older people are not immune to the effects of this division. A study conducted by the Centre for Ageing Better found “shameful and stark” contrasts in people’s experiences of later life. This …

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Why consider further study?

A recent study conducted by Victoria University aimed to gain better understanding why older people decide to study later in life. People aged 60 plus represented a very small proportion of students at Victoria University who came into their study – only one in every 300; 21 were interviewed in …

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Educating for the Job Market

The news seems to be full of negative stories about the rates of unemployment and how competitive the job market is for both unskilled and skilled individuals. My question is, why aren’t secondary and tertiary educators steering people into care related jobs seeing that there is an increasing need for …

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