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A State of Grace – Chapter 4

————————————————————— “Grace” will blog weekly about her experiences of loving, supporting and relating to her mother. This is a true story. You can share Grace’s journey every Wednesday. ————————————————————— Last week I wrote about the net that the family has created to support my mother to live in her own home. …

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More Older Drivers….

Well, it seems I am very hip and up with the times! My last post was about Older Drivers, and look what was on TVNZ Breakfast this morning. So, the NZ Transport Agency has released a ‘toolkit’ for Senior Drivers. I’ve had a look through it this morning and it …

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Older Drivers

I recently read an AA Magazine ‘Directions’ article on older drivers and I was saddened to see that so many older people are dying on our roads. Don’t get me wrong, I actually think that most older people are good drivers – after all they have a lifetime of experience, …

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