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Ombudsman report offers valuable lessons

The Chief Ombudsman says his independent inspections of privately run aged care facilities offer some valuable lessons as the sector enters another ‘lockdown’. Peter Boshier released a report on August 18 into his inspection of six facilities providing secure dementia and psychogeriatric care, during COVID-19 Alert Levels 3 and 4 in …

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Tackling stigma of dementia needs our team of 5 million

The Dementia Action Plan 2020 to 2025, released in May, has as one of its four objectives “building accepting and understanding communities” to improve the wellbeing of people living with the disease. “Stigma and a lack of awareness, poor understanding and barriers to inclusion are among the most devastating things …

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Understanding dementia through the disability rights movement

Achieving greater awareness and understanding of dementia has been a priority of Dementia and Alzheimer’s associations in New Zealand and worldwide. There has been an assumption that greater understanding and awareness are key to tackling the stigma surrounding the disease. The thinking has been broadened beyond awareness under the banner …

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What can you do to reduce your chances of developing dementia?

Despite much research into the causes of dementia, many unanswered questions remain. The current evidence demonstrates that multiple factors, including age, genes, environment and lifestyle factors, contribute to whether a person develops dementia. However, recent research points to the possibility that up to half of the total dementia burden in …

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Dispelling the dementia myths

By 2050 the number of New Zealanders with dementia will be able to fill Wellington Stadium five times. It’s a statistic that makes dementia one of New Zealand’s most pressing health challenges. While the impact of dementia on our society as a whole may be well known, many Kiwis don’t …

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Genetics and Dementia

In July, Dr Matthew Croucher, a psychiatrist of old age, made himself available to give an overview of dementia and answer questions from the audience. Full, not only of knowledge, but also insight and empathy, the session was of immense value to those who came. It covered an over view …

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