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Eldernet and Care Publication’s 2019 Christmas Work function!

The Eldernet team spent their Christmas end of year function giving back to their community. The team had a working bee, gardening next to some great apes at the incredible Orana Park in Christchurch.                 The team were then treated to an experience …

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Spreading Christmas Cheer

For a number of reasons, Christmas may not be the joyful holiday for older people it is made out to be in film and TV. Loneliness, mobility restrictions and disability may impact on an older persons’ ability to join in with on the Christmas celebrations. Here are a few ideas …

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Tackling loneliness this Christmas

Chronic loneliness is not only horrible to experience day in, day out, it can also have a devastating impact on an older person’s mental and physical health. Studies show that about 10% of those over the age of 65 who live alone experience chronic loneliness. Living in isolation and loneliness …

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Made with Love

Thinking of giving a gift to someone this Christmas? Here are some fun food gifts you could give:  A jar layered with the dry ingredients for some baking and attach the recipe A basket of fruit and vegetables packaged with cellophane and ribbon Homemade jams, relishes or fruit puree A …

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Eldernet and Care Publication’s 2018 Christmas Work do!

A few weeks ago we had our surprise Christmas do! With clues of “wear jandles if you are squeamish”, “wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind if they get messed up” and “bring glasses for ‘close up’ stuff”, we really didn’t have any idea what we were in for! However, …

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A Very Merry Christmas for One

If you are on your own this Christmas, it can be hard to decide what to cook. However, eating alone doesn’t mean you have to forgo your Christmas meal, but rather it may take a slightly different form. Treat yourself. Choose something special, something that you don’t often get to …

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