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New Zealand ranks highly in end of life care provided in Aged Care

A newly published study from the ELDER study led by Michal found that New Zealand  Aged Residential Care Facilities rank highly in  end of life care in comparison to six European countries. Great news! We also found that symptom management needs in the last week of life do not vary by diagnosis. …

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Ombudsman Aged Care inspections programme: Update

Orientation Visits Orientation visits to specialized dementia and psychogeriatric care facilities began in November 2019. These visits help inform the approach, the assessment criteria and the development of the inspection programme. As they are orientation visits, not inspections, no reports are being produced, or recommendations are being made to facilities …

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Aged Care Monitoring

The Chief Ombudsman’s inspections programme is being extended to include people held securely in privately-run aged care facilities – people who cannot leave when they want to, primarily those in locked care facilities (‘residents’). The new programme will be phased in over the next three years. Our first step is …

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