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Beware of corona virus scams

New Zealanders are being warned of a raft of scams and frauds exploiting the spread of coronavirus. Bronwyn Groot, CFFC’s Fraud Education Manager, says scammers overseas are preying on people’s concern about the virus and targetting them in a variety of ways. While reports of coronavirus scams in New Zealand …

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The worst financial rip offs and what you can do to avoid them

We all know that sinking feeling of knowing you’ve been ripped off. Unfortunately, in the financial world there are quite a few offerings, products, services, and outright rip offs that you should be aware of. Awareness can help you avoid that sinking feeling. While many of these financial offerings are …

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Food Fortification & Malnutrition

Author: The Pure Food Co Malnutrition, in the form of undernutrition remains very prevalent in New Zealand, especially in the older population (1). It is a problem that is often under-recognised and under-treated with grave consequences (2). Malnutrition is described as ‘a state of nutrition in which a deficiency, excess or …

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