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The worst financial rip offs and what you can do to avoid them

We all know that sinking feeling of knowing you’ve been ripped off. Unfortunately, in the financial world there are quite a few offerings, products, services, and outright rip offs that you should be aware of. Awareness can help you avoid that sinking feeling. While many of these financial offerings are …

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Food Fortification & Malnutrition

Author: The Pure Food Co Malnutrition, in the form of undernutrition remains very prevalent in New Zealand, especially in the older population (1). It is a problem that is often under-recognised and under-treated with grave consequences (2). Malnutrition is described as ‘a state of nutrition in which a deficiency, excess or …

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Gambling – Our secret problem

Gambling addiction among the elderly is growing nationwide. These stories remain largely unreported even though 8% of older adults develop an addiction that can cost them their retirement funds. The Ministry of Health defines problem gambling as “patterns of gambling behaviour that compromise, disrupt or damage health, personal, family or …

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Another ‘pair of ears’

Attending appointments with clients recently has highlighted how important it is for people to take someone with them to medical appointments, especially clinic and specialist appointments. When accompanying a client recently I quickly scribbled notes while the cardiologist talked to my client. The client turned to me a couple of …

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Aged Fitness by Scott Simpson

Aged Fitness Keeping fit and active is an important part of positive ageing. It’s good to see so many seniors are already taking the opportunity to try new things, make new friends, and get involved in all that New Zealand communities have to offer. As MP for the beautiful Coromandel, …

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Functional Fitness by Eliza Chapman

Functional Fitness – What is it? Functional fitness is a reference to fitness training for older adults. It’s all about training your body for life and is helpful as it assists your body to continue to move as it should in everyday life as you age. Essentially it is made …

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