Support at Home

Sometimes a little extra support is all you need to remain living healthily and independently in your own home.

There are many providers that offer support services, all across New Zealand and many of these  have detailed information about their services on the Eldernet site.

The type of services on offer range widely from: equipment that will help you achieve everyday tasks,  driving services to take you shopping, someone to walk the dog with you, or sleepover at your place to assist you as you convalesce, help you with housework or your personal care etc.

There are also some agencies who will deliver ‘funded’ services (generally under contract to agencies such as ACC or the DHB).  Many of these now have a focus on helping you retain skills and even restore them where possible e.g. ‘getting back on your feet’ following an illness or surgery. Eligibility to these services is determined by an assessment which is undertaken by specialist teams known as NASC/Care Coordination.

Use the Eldernet site to help you discover some of the services that may be available.

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Linda Nicolson
Linda is the General Manager of Eldernet and Care Publications.

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