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With full lockdown in New Zealand due to COVID-19, you may be worried about keeping fit and mobile.  It’s really important too as exercise helps support your immunity, so you don’t just want to sit around the house all day.

Moderate exercise aids blood flow and helps immune cells migrate throughout your body.   As well as getting you in shape, exercise lifts your mood, which is always a good thing.  You’ll breathe better, sleep better and generally feel better and all those things add up to a healthier body that can better ward off the bugs and viruses it may be exposed to.

So, what are your options for exercise in the comfort and safety of your own home?  If you are computer savvy or have a tablet or smartphone, you could check out the internet.  But although there is a lot on offer, fun and effective exercises targeted at seniors aren’t that plentiful.

Fortunately, we have our own home-grown option – SuperCue Seniors.  This is a new exercise programme designed specifically for those 60+ available online and on DVD.  It provides options for all levels of fitness from seated, to standing to more active, with a focus on good posture and good movement technique.

And because of COVID-19 the founders of SuperCue Seniors Rebekah Charlton and Marya Hopman, are making subscription to their online programmes free of charge for the next month.

The website is in fact still in development phase and will be undergoing a total overhaul over the coming weeks.  “But it already features a number of workouts and we don’t want to wait until the new website is up and running.  We know people need options right now,” says Marya Hopman “We want to help if we can.”

If you don’t have access to the internet, you could purchase a SuperCue Seniors DVD instead.

For free online subscriptions or to purchase a DVD go to or email or phone Rebekah on 0277735483.

Article provide by SuperCue

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