Staying Connected: Activities to keep you socially and mentally active

There are times when recovering from various health issues may leave you feeling isolated. While you recuperate, you may not be able to go about your day as ‘normal’ but that shouldn’t stop remaining socially and mentally active. Here are some options to help keep you ‘plugged in’ while recovering at home, no matter your mobility or interests.

Staying in Touch

If you can’t visit your loved ones, you can use other means to communicate with them. Many have turned to video call services such as Zoom and Skype to see their loved ones when they are living away from one another, while others have stuck to the tried and trusted method of voice calls or writing letters to stay in touch. Video calls have become popular with many, as it provides an opportunity to see the person and have a two-way conversation.


Reading is a great way of keeping your mind active and imagination flowing. Reading can transport you to a different world if you become completely immersed in the story, which is probably why it has become so popular. Many people are using this activity to forget about their worries and what is going on in their own life, even if it is just for a short period of time.

Creative Outlets

Other people turn to creative outlets such as knitting, sewing, and crocheting. These are brilliant ways to pass the time should you have the mobility in your hands. They can also help connect you with other likeminded hobbyists; if you have access to the internet, there are different groups that are forming online to discuss different projects or techniques. There are also magazines which offer events like ‘stitch-alongs’ (where everyone completes the same project) and encourage those participating to send in pictures and letters about their progress, to help connect people with similar interests.

Hobby Magazines

Similarly, different hobby magazines have activities for their audiences to do and pages dedicated to reader’s letters that everyone can read. If you are interested in bird watching, for example, why not sit in your garden or next to your window and record the birds that can be seen? Then you can write into your magazine of choice and let others know about your experience. These magazines may also help inspire you to take up other interests that you’d never thought of before.  

Indoor Gardening

Many feel that houseplants improve your mood due to the positive impact they have on the environment around you, including the obvious aesthetic benefit as well as air purification. If growing your own plants and/or vegetables is something you find yourself passionate about, it may be worth investing in an indoor grow tent, which is like an indoor greenhouse and will provide the best environment for your plants to grow, as it can be temperature controlled.

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