Put your Feet Up and Enjoy a Fun Game

Games BridgeAre you enjoying the pre-Christmas preparations, or do you find it all too much?  Amongst the demands of special events, preparations, baking, gift purchasing, rich food and all the trappings of the season, it is important to your well-being that you can sit back, relax, and find enjoyment in a much more relaxing manner.


I have a suggestion for you!  At the Memory Foundation, we have developed fabulous games for you to enjoy on your computer – and they have the enormous advantage of improving your memory and cognitive skills at the same time.  They are available freely to you.

Games List

Try Cross the Bridge – It’s fun!  You will build a bridge for the warrior to cross by remembering how to construct it out of coloured blocks. As you correctly build the bridge, he will be able to cross safely, but just wait and see what happens to the hapless chap should the bridge collapse!


No doubt you will have been shopping. Have you had the very irritating experience of going to shop for a particular item and then arriving home with everything but?  Shopping Spree will develop the skill of remembering the items on your shopping list so this never happens again. It’s fun to do, and all the while your memory is sharpening and improving.

Games Hunt

Have you ever fancied yourself as a clever detective? Here’s your opportunity to put a host of shady characters firmly behind bars where they belong! And all the while you will be helping your skills of observation and the ability to recognise faces, even when they look alike. Try the Wild West Hunt.

Games Movies

For a real challenge, play At the Movies. Here you will meet familiar cartoon characters in action.


You will be able to play the games by visiting the Memory Foundation website. At the Memory Foundation you will find loads of interesting information about your memory and how you can keep it sharp and resilience – and your brain healthy and powerful.


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Dr. Allison Lamont is founder and clinician at the Auckland Memory Clinic. The Memory Foundation was developed by Allison and her sister, Gillian Eadie.  We want everyone to know that we can keep memory sharp and resilient – it is in our hands!

About Dr Allison Lamont

Dr. Allison Lamont is Director and clinician at the Auckland Memory Clinic where she tests memory and devises individual programmes for memory remediation. Together with her sister, Gillian Eadie, she co-founded The Memory Foundation to make available information on how to keep your memory sharp and to build brain resilience. This builds a buffer against memory loss during the ageing process. You will find loads of information about your memory on the websites. At The Memory Foundation you can sign up for a FREE memory mini-course, try our online memory games, and find out about memory courses run by the Foundation. You can contact Dr. Lamont at allison@memoryclinic.co.nz