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Postcards of Kindness

For many people living in residential care, travelling is sometimes out of the question. However, sharing in someone else’s adventures is easily done.

Recipients: If you would like to receive postcards, simply send your facility’s postal address to media@eldernet.co.nz to get it added to the below list.

Senders: You can browse the below album of details and addresses of care homes or settings that you’d like to send a card to. Please feel free to pick more than one! For personal safety refrain from letting anyone know you’re away, and instead update us when you get back from your adventures.

We hope that you and your residents can enjoy travelling the world via postcards from new friends. You might even like to send your own cards to other care homes on the group. We also hope that anyone on their own travels will think of someone in care; your words, anecdotes and holiday memories could really brighten someone’s day.