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Pokémon Go – the new technology game for young and old

There is a new game in town,  it’s called Pokémon Go.  So what is it all about?  Pokémon started around the late 1990s and I remember many an hour trying to find Pokémon cards and books for my son for his birthday because he “just had to have them”!  He is now about to turn 25 in a few weeks.  The game has trainers that travel the globe to tame the creatures and who then use them to fight against one another in Pokémon battles.  The creatures look like fantasy snakes, birds, trees, flowers, turtles and a great array of other animals and plants.

Pikachu one of the many Pokemon characters

Fast forward twenty years and my grandson discovered my son’s prized stack of Pokémon treasures, along with way too many videos of Pokémon.  He now knows all the names and powers along with the evolved form of the various Pokémon characters, all very important information, so I’m told.

Another incarnation is now taking the mobile app world by storm.  Pokémon Go in simple terms, is a mobile phone app that uses your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game and makes Pokémon “appear” around you on the in-game map.  Catching Pokémon is the goal of the game.  As you move around, different and more types of Pokémon will appear depending on your location and the time of day.  The idea is to encourage you to travel around the real world to catch these virtual creatures.  The game is increasing in popularity at an astronomical speed.  Pokémon Go is free to download and play onto your phone.  While the app is free to download,  it has ‘in-app purchases’ which is how they make their money.

The game is appealing to the young, the original Pokémon fans who are now young adults and it might even appeal to the older adults if the NewsHub Story is anything to go by.  NewsHub ran a story on the new Pokémon Go craze.  They introduced a group of elderly Wellington residents with an age range of 89-100 years to the app.  Once they had a run through of how to use the app, they were off and by the looks of it, having a lot of fun on the way.

Elderly take on Pokemon Go
Source: NewsHub Story – Meet the 100yo who’s been playing Pokémon Go

Nancy (above far left) who is 89 years old looks like she is hooked, she said ” I won’t be stopping until I get them all, I’ll be trying and trying all night, I can see it, I won’t be going to bed”.

Pokemon Go App
Pokemon Go app in action

It appears the fun, fitness and friendship looks like it is catching on.  Move over Fitbit, it looks like Pokémon Go has managed to get people up and moving away from the TV or PC, out into fresh air, walking around.  That alone has got to be a good thing.

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