Pink Ribbon Fundraiser Afternoon Tea

 Yesterday I was fortunate enough to volunteer my time to help the team at Chatswood Retirement Village host a very special Mother Day’s afternoon tea to raise money for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

I was also lucky enough to also spend time there with my MIL to be (as of this coming December!) who was hosting and my partners sister who attended.

Here is a picture of the 3 of us: Sue, Sinead and I.

The afternoon tea was very successful with over $300 raised for the foundation! People attending were encouraged to dress in pink, which lots did! It was so great to see people supporting the cause and I was pleased that residents of the care home were able to be included on the day. Some family came and met residents for the afternoon tea which was lovely.

Chatswood put on a great afternoon tea and it was lovely to see the staff taking part and not afraid to wear all the pink they possibly own!

Here is a picture of myself, Manager Kyla and Diversonal Therapist Sue with the awesome bunting on the wall as you walked in. Congratulations team on a sucessfull afternoon tea! Well Done!

This May is the NZBCF Pink Ribbon Breakfast month so I encourage you to all get together with your girlfriends and maybe all pitch in, dress in pink and raise some money for the cause! You can sign up on line and they send you a cute wee bucket for your collections, some information leaflets and balloons. It’s great to get in the mood and have a fun time – why not?!

I would love to hear from those of you who are also hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast this month and hear how you all get on.

To make your own donation to the NZBCF then click here.

Until next time I hope this finds you all well and having a great day!

– Sarah

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