Pandemic planning: are you ready to isolate?

One topic has dominated our lives recently: COVID-19. We’ve gone from lock downs and social distancing to traffic light systems and self-isolation in a matter of months. The pandemic has affected us all in one or another and it’s safe to say that we will be living with this ‘new normal’ for a while.

Yet it’s not the first pandemic to hit our shores in recent memory (let’s not forget Swine Flu) and unfortunately, it won’t be the last – which is why we need to prepare for whatever comes our way. Here are some tips to help prepare in the event you or a loved one need to isolate due to sickness:

  • Identify a team of people that could support you if you had to isolate due to sickness, such as dropping of groceries and other supplies. Perhaps you would be part of a loved one support crew?
  • Talk to any in-home carers you have and agree in advance about what will happen if you need to isolate.
  • Put together a wellness kit with face masks, hand sanitiser, gloves, tissues, rubbish bags, and cleaning products. In the event you become unwell, you’ll also need medicine on hand to help with any symptoms.
  • Stay connected with your whānau, friends and community. If you are isolating, make sure these are online or by phone.
  • Have plenty of boredom busters on hand to help get you through.
  • Write down any household instructions someone else could easily follow if you get sick and need hospital care. Cover things like feeding pets, paying bills and watering plants.

Key contacts:

  • Get in touch with your GP to discuss your personal health situation
  • Call Healthline on 0800 611 116 for more general advice

Looking for more information to help you on your journey? Order your free copy of our Where from here handbook at or by calling us on 0800 162 706. You may also be able to get a copy at your local GP, library, Age Concern, Grey Power or Citizens Advice Bureau.

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